Tomato Chilli Powder
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Tomato Chilli Powder



With varieties of red chillies discussed Warangal Chappatta, also known as Tomato chillies, contains hotness and pungency. Tomato chilli powder set your taste buds on fire. They come under low heat categories. They are round in shape and deep red. The Tomato Chilli powder is commonly used for colour extraction and tempering. These chilli powder has a long shelf life and remains fresh for years. One can store away from light and heat with maintaining in airtight containers. The chillies added an excellent spicy taste and used to sharpen the flavour to the dishes. If you’re looking to buy Tomato chilli Powder, Shree Ganesh Food Products is the best place to get all products at the best budget-friendly price.

Health Benefits:
• Red chillies are bioactive plant compound known as capsaicin responsible for taste and health benefits.
• It helps to reduce the inflammation and act as a natural pain reliever.
• It promotes digestive health and prevents problems like gas and constipation.
• It reduces food carving and increases metabolism.

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