Teja ChilliPowder
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Teja ChilliPowder



Teja chillies were introduced in India by Portuguese towards the end of 15th century. The Teja Chilli Powder is one most preferred chilli among various types. It comes with bulk international demand due to its sharp peppery avor and hotness. Teja chillies are considered as hottest chillies of India. It’s for those who prefer to more Spice in their food. The other name for Teja Chillies is S17 and mostly compared with red pepper in India. These chillies are rich in aroma, pungency, and colour, and they are most consumed Indian, Chinese, European, Thai, American and Japanese Cuisines. Shree Ganesh Food Products is a supplier of spices and products to boost your body with building a robust immune system.

Health Benefits:
• Teja chillies can be used in making chilli powder, chilly oil and chilli capsicum.
• It helps to improve the immune system.
• It restrains cancers cells.
• Help in preventing stomach ulcers

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1 KG, 500 GM