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Tamarind is a tree and is partially dried fruit. Its well-known name is Imlee, Imli, Tamarindo etc. It’s an ingredient that has laxative effects and work against certain bacteria and fungi. They are commonly used as sweet-sour fruit as it has a long history of medicinal usage. The fruit was used to treat snake bites, malaria and other several acute, chronic conditions. The seeds grow hard and are glossy brown. As soon as they mature, the pods become juicy, and outer shell turns into an easily cracked shell. We at Shree Ganesh Food Products offer best quality products that best suit your needs.

Health Benefits:
• It’s used to treat fever and colds.
• The thick paste of tamarind seeds is used as a cast for broken bones.
• People use its seeds as eye drops for dry eyes.
• It helps for liver, constipation, stomach and gall bladder problems.

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