Sweet Mango Pickle
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Sweet Mango Pickle

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Sweet Mango pickle is very special and tastiest. Mostly ripe mango is chosen to make this Pickle. There are varieties of raw mangoes available if Rajapuri is not available. They are cut into small pieces after peeling off the slice. Then it is mixed with sugar syrup with some spices, garlic, bay leaf, cloves fennel seeds. These pickles are most commonly found in Gujarati’s house. Pickling can be fun activities for kids too. This Pickle is stored, refrigerated and can last for years. Buy all types of spices, Pickle, chutneys from one place to get a taste like home.

Health Benefits:
• It increases your appetite.
• It has a good source of Iron, Vitamin A and Fibres.
• It protects from intense heat and Dehydration.
• Raw mangoes come with numerous benefits that can get on a daily routine diet.

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