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The sesame  are very tiny and grow in pods on the sesamum indicum plants. The seeds have outer edible husk intact while hulled  come without the husk. They are an off-white colour and turn brown when roasted. They come with potential health benefits and used in folk medicine for thousands of years. They can generate heat and energy in body, beauty, hair benefits and loaded with nutrients. Therefore, it’s used mostly in the winter diet. If you’re looking to make your winter with a healthy diet, buy sesame seeds online from Shree Ganesh food products and stay fit.

Health Benefits:
• It comes with Anti-ageing properties.
• It does wonders with the skin with making it soft and supple.
• It boosts dental health and cures the unsaturated fatty acid content.
• It’s a good source of energy and stabilizes blood pressure.

Packed Size

1 KG, 500 GM