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Sago is a starchy substance derived from the centre of various palm tree species. Inside the tree, pith is taken out and dried to make sago granules. The white sago balls are soaked in water, and they turn translucent when cooked. They are the small balls which can easily be added to water, milk or any sauces to thicken the mixture. In Asian countries, people add sago pearls to the bottom of the bubble tea. When in powder form, it can shape in various culinary applications. Sago helps in the creation of bone tissues and prevent inflammation. We are a supplier of spices and deliver high-quality products to combine with energy-boosting sources.

Health Benefits:
• It helps in lowering blood pressure and relax tension in the blood.
• It improves Digestion and increases energy.
• It helps to put on calories and provides energy.

Packed Size

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