Riddhi Tea Masala
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Riddhi Tea Masala



Masala tea is a combination of milk and an essence mixture of herbs and different spices. It is originated in India and accepted worldwide with using it in the famous cafes. Its ingredients may differ from region to region and consist of Ginger (crushed), cardamom, lemongrass, cinnamon, fresh mint, jaiphal, cloves. It is an aromatic blend of spices which makes the tea more special and healthier. Similar to Garam masala, every home has its secret recipe to prepare tea masala. If you’re looking to add some spice in your tea and make your moment special, we are best suitable for you.

Health Benefits:
• It reduces inflammation as Ginger play a prominent role in it.
• Boosts the immunity as it contains cinnamon.
• It is loaded with nutrients and helps in aches and pains.
• It has a high amount of caffeine which boosts the energy level.

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