Riddhi Gold Coriander Powder
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Riddhi Gold Coriander Powder



Coriander is considered as the most popular and old spice on record. Dhaniya powder is widely used across various regional cuisines to add flavour in snacks and breakfast items. With a varied range of coriander powder available, Riddhi Gold Coriander is a popular spice required in the kitchen. It adds a yummy element in your dish and works as a healthy ingredient in your diet. This kind of spices are rarely found, and at Shree Ganesh Food Products you get superior quality spices with great care. Buy coriander powder online and make your children fall in love with your dishes.

Health Benefits:
• It helps in fighting with cold and flu as it comes with a large quantity of Vitamin C.
• It comes with anti-inflammatory property which safeguards us in maintaining heart disease and brain health.
• People drink coriander with water in the morning to achieve a radiant glow.

Packed Size

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