Riddhi Brand Hing
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Riddhi Brand Hing



Hing is extracted from the root of the ferula plant (a perennial herb). Asafoetida is a blessing for those who retrain eating onion and garlic like Vaishnavas and Jains. It’s often used in pasta sauces and other Indian dishes. Riddhi Brand Hing is one among derived hing family that’s often used in Indian cuisines. Buy hing online and overpower the smell of the spice. Give a delicious mix to your dish and enhance the flavour. Hing is commonly known as Ferula, Asafoetida, food of gods, devil’s dung, inguva powder, jowani badina, heeng, ting, hengu, kayam etc. We at Shree Ganesh Food Products offers best online spices with excellent quality.

Health Benefits:
• Hing work as a lead compound for new drug development against influenza viral infection.
• It works as a remedy for children’s cold when mixed into a pungent-smelling paste and hung in a bag around the child’s neck.
• Hing is a grounding herb to balance an overactive, over the emotional and turbulent system.

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