Raw Mango Chundo
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Raw Mango Chundo

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It is one of the favourites and tastiest pickles of Gujarati and North Indian people. Without Pickle their breakfast and some dishes are incomplete. Mango chunda are sour, little spicy and sweet. They are made with raw mangoes and few spices with firm Sunlight. The secret of making a perfect Mango chunda is to use the mangoes raw with greenish pulp. Serving raw mango is also helpful in the hormonal system as it consists of Vitamin A and Vitamin E. At Shree Ganesh Food Product, we are a supplier of pickles with wide varieties of products with good taste and essence.

Health Benefits:
• It helps in detoxifying the liver.
• It is high in Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, which releases toxins from the body.
• Raw mangoes with salt also prevent excessive loss of

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