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Peepramul is also known as ganthoda. It’s derived from rhizoid which is similar to ginger root. It throws a typical odour and flavour caused by a mixture of shogals, zingerone, gingerols and volatile oils. It’s a humble kitchen ingredient that has a lot to offer. It’s made of long pepper roots used in Indian and Chinese cuisine. People most consume them in powder form and mix with ginger powder, jaggery and water to resolve gastric troubles and joint pains. We are a supplier of all kinds of spices across Gujarat and offer the best quality on every delivery.

Health Benefits:
• It helps in relieving headache and cure motion sickness.
• It removes gastric problems and is suitable for digestion.
• Use Peepramul powder with tea brewed as it’s an excellent remedy for cold.
• It helps in boosting metabolism and burning excess fat.

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