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Nutmeg is a popular spice made from seeds found on a tropical evergreen tree. It’s found in whole seed form and sold as a ground spice. Nutmeg is most valued for its aroma. They are high in toxic and can be used with both butter and essential oil. The spice is mostly featured in Mughlai cuisine and used as a critical part of the dish. Buy nutmeg online from Shree Ganesh Food products and use this powerful compound to prevent diseases with promoting your overall health.

Health Benefits:
• It can relieve pain, strengthen cognitive function, soothe indigestion, boost skin health, and detoxify the body.
• It reduces insomnia, alleviates oral conditions, increases immune system function, improves blood circulation, and prevents leukaemia.
• It helps in treating bad breath and protect the Liver. It comes with antidepressant properties and anti-cancer properties.

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