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Since, 5000 years, we have been using mustard. They are available in different varieties like black, white and brown in colour. They are low in calories and comes with high nutritional value. They are the winter crops, and the plant reaches about 4-5 feet in height. They are tiny, round  measuring about one mm in diameter. The little  have the potential to protect against the effect of carcinogens. We are a supplier of all kind of spices and offer medicinal purpose benefits in your diet.

Health Benefits:
• Mustard oil is an excellent source for the skin as it generates warmth.
• It’s rich in manganese, iron, protein, zinc, omega 3, and dietary fibre.
• It helps people who suffer from lousy appetite as the seeds are excellent for Digestion.
• Seeds are used as a source of relief for peers having rheumatic arthritic.

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