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Mace is reddish spice envelop firmly around the nutmeg kernel. Indeed, it’s two different spice products composed of higher concentration of specific essential oils. It has intense aroma than nutmeg and therefore, it has a special place in the kitchen spice box. It contains health benefits, essential oils, antioxidant compounds, minerals and vitamins. We are a supplier of spices that used in food to add flavour in your dishes. The spice is essentially used in Mughlai cuisine and used as a part of various masala mixes.

Health Benefits:
• Mace has more vitamin C content than nutmeg.
• It comes with an excellent source of vitamin A and nine times more than nutmeg.
• It contains more calcium, iron, copper and magnesium with increasing essential red blood cell production.
• It used to keep your skin and hair healthy with protecting you from dangerous infection and diseases.

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