Lemon Pickle
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Lemon Pickle

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Any Indian Dish is incomplete without a pickle. Talking about lemon pickle then it’s a full tongue twisted taste. It is being prepared with raw lemon, mango, amla, chillies. Lemon is a versatile ingredient as it blends well with salt, sugar and spices. Lemon and its peel help smoother the digestive system as it contains a hefty amount of Vitamin C. In many countries, Lemon pickle is used as a seasoning in their cuisine dishes. We follow the traditional method of Pickle preparation by heating spices and oil for tempering. We are having a wide range of pickles with a unique taste and quality.

Health Benefits:
• It helps in detoxifying the liver.
• It prevents neurodegenerative disease like dementia.
• Boost your immune system
• It helps in relieving arthritis pain.

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