Kumthi Kahmiri Chilli Powder
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Kumthi Kahmiri Chilli Powder



In India, Acidity is a common health problem. To avoid this, Shree Ganesh Food Products introduce the Kumthi Kashmiri Chilli powder which is milder in taste and fuller in health. These chillies bring the red colour and hotness in Indian curries. Kumthi Kashmiri is a dried ripe fruit of capsicum frutescent. Our expert team ensure that you get chilli powder that perfectly matched in taste and colour. Indian women use them to add perfect colour and add them in curry after they get cooked perfectly. Among several varieties of chillies available, Kumthi chillies are superior. We are a supplier of best Kashmiri chillies at an affordable rate. Buy Kumthi Kashmiri Chilli Powder online at the best price.

Health Benefits:
• Kumthi Chillies help in weight loss
• These chillies cure stomach ulcers
• It’s useful to treat osteoporosis
• It helps to builds immunity

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