Krishna Strong Hing
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Krishna Strong Hing



Traditionally, hing was used in Ayurvedic medicines where a small pinch is enough to get health benefits. We use hing in oil, ghee or butter to unlock and enhance the flavour of the food. Krishna Strong hing is one of the best products available to give smooth, strong, onionlike and garlicky flavour. It works as a strong compounded Hing with a strong aroma. It comes under Asafoetida spice and is the perfect ingredient to add aroma in your dish. It works well for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. Buy pure hing online from Shree Ganesh Food products and add amazing seasoning flavour in your kitchen.

Health Benefits:
• It’s great for digestion and has various health benefits.
• It works as a remedy for asthma and bronchitis patients.
• Use hing to reduce the risk of constipation.
• It works as an antidote for opium.

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