Kerda Pickle
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Kerda Pickle

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Kerda is one of the useful plants named as Capparis Deciduas, & Karira in Hindi. Korda is an excellent chewy fruit and delicious in taste packed with full nutrients. The kerda berries give a unique sour taste with a magical mix of right Indian spices that instantly takes you to the traditional kitchen. It is use to make Pickle with some additional ingredients like fenugreek seeds, turmeric powder, dry mango powder, mustard oil. It’s commonly found in Gujarat and has a sour and tangy twisted taste. It majorly served with a compliment in Indian meal. We at Shree Ganesh Food Products are suppliers of different types of pickles with the purest essence of taste.

Health Benefits:
• It is helpful in cough and asthma.
• Kerda pickle helps in constipation and other stomach ailments.
• It contains carbs, calories and other health benefits.
• Part of the plant is helpful in rheumatism.

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