Golar Chilli Powder
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Golar Chilli Powder



We are a distinguished manufacturer, supplier, distributor and exporter of spices powder. With having a wide range of Indian Spice, we provide superior quality chilli powder, Fennel powder and Garlic powder. Shree Ganesh Food Products offer the best quality Gholar Chilli powder online that comprises specific medicinal properties with great aroma, purity and taste. Get the best-varied sizes of airproof packaging with wide-range of economical priced. Gholar chilli powder adds exotic taste and flavour to all dishes. It offers hygienically packed packaging. It provides exquisite aroma with fresh and healthy products. To cater to our customers’ needs, we are engaged in providing best quality red chilli powder.

Health Benefits:
• It’s an great source of dietary fibre, vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A and Vitamin K.
• It promotes good cholesterol and acts as a pain killer.
• The products are a rich source of nutrients and widely used in Indian Cuisines.

Packed Size

1 KG, 500 GM