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It is available in powder, capsules, oils, tablets. It is a food and fibre crop origin from Asia and South Europe. It contains omega-3 acid. It can be taken as a food or as medicine which we are following from our ancestors. Flax  are golden yellow to reddish-brown. It’s used as a mouth freshener commonly used in India. It has a nutty and slightly mild taste. It can be kept up to 1 year , and it is used as an oil or grind form, one has to use it in a short time. Buy products online; we are a supplier of all spices, chutney, powders, mouth freshener etc.

Health Benefits:
• Flax is commonly used for digestive health or relieves constipation.
• It lowers the risk of cancer and beneficial for diabetic patient.
• It contains Choline, which is helpful in brain function and keeps healthy.
• It is high in Fibre and helps in reducing LDL cholesterol.
• Its essential fatty acids that support the hair, skin and nail health.

Packed Size

1 KG, 500 GM