Dried Red Chili
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Dried Red Chili



Dried Red chilli is grounded into powder and uses as a spice. They are dried and stored for an extended period. Red chillies are a popular ingredient used in most Indian dishes and curries. They are used extensively for making sauces and add to dishes for a spicy flavour. It has characteristics like taste, pungency and flavour like black pepper due to which it has become famous. Apart from this, it’s used in cooking and has medicinal uses. At Shree Ganesh Food Products, we offer spices that have purity, rich colour, hot taste, freshness and hygienic packing.

Health Benefits:
• It helps in digestion, develops blood and is rich in vitamin C.
• It helps in developing the immune system and improves cognitive disorder.
• It acts as a remedy for cold and sinus symptoms and does not contain cholesterol.
• It helps in increasing fat burning and reduces appetite.

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