Riddhi Dried Ginger Powder
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Riddhi Dried Ginger Powder



Dried ginger powder is popularly used in the kitchen as masala to add citrus, soapy and earthy taste in various dishes. Ginger plays a vital role in our daily diet. Ginger powder is made from a ginger root which is dried. Dry ginger powder adds great ginger smells and has a sharp taste. Ginger powder commonly used in Tea to make green and organic Tea for better refreshment. It is effortless to store and have a long-life shelf up to a year. At Shree Ganesh Food Products get all products at best quality and price.

Health Benefits:
• It helps in the proper and smooth digestion process as it enhances appetite and stomach disorders.
• It maintains joint health and respiratory system health.
• It improves metabolism and helps in burning off the excess fat and losing weight.
• It is a perfect aid for the common cold and ideal for a sore throat
• It is also used in beauty cosmetics products to rejuvenate your skin.

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