Dried Fenugreek Leaves
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Dried Fenugreek Leaves



Fenugreek Leaves also called as Kasuri Methi. Dried Fenugreek leaves do wonder in the food. It’s mainly used in flavouring food like dals and vegetable gravies. It’s a seasonal ingredient, so people use it in dry form to use in all seasons. It’s found in pickles, raitas, salads, raitas and comes in the green leafy form. As it’s available naturally, it can help to curb cold and fever. Few people use this as an ingredient for herbal tea. At Shree Ganesh food products, our spices and product never retain its original taste and deliver a product with nutritional value.

Health Benefits:
• Consuming Kasuri methi helps to control cholesterol level.
• The leaves help in keeping the body’s blood lipids at normal levels.
• It helps to fight against kidney problems along with mouth ulcers and boils.
• Apply a paste of fenugreek powder to get rid of skin blemishes.

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