Double Patti Chilli Powder
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Double Patti Chilli Powder



It’s impossible to imagine cuisine without red chillies. The entire country consumes chillies in powder form or the whole Spice. In whatever form we have, chilli has its unique taste and form. There are several forms of Red chillies available in the market. Double Patti Chillies are one among them. These chillies work as powerful ingredients and a small pinch can make the food spicy. The double Patti chilli powder is mostly used in restaurants to make the food spicy hot. We are a spice supplier and take care of your needs. We are happy to serve our customer with the best quality.

Health Benefits:
• Chilli powder act as anti-inflammatory agents that helps to decrease swelling of sore joints and increase blood flow.
• It prevents acid reflux and kills the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers.
• It helps to boost metabolism and helps in burning fats.

Weight 500 g
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