Dodva Chatni
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Dodva Chatni

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Chutney is a mixture of multiple ingredients which is popularly used with different foods. Some Medicinal plants are used to make chutneys. Among various types, Dodva Chutney is one of the famous and commonly used in Gujarat. It is made up of a fruit named Prickly pears. It generally found on the leaves of Nopales Cacti. The people in Mexican include this in their diet for their health benefits. This Chutney adds delicious, and essence tastes with any food or morning breakfast. It can be eaten raw and can use in making unique sandwiches. In the western region, chutneys generally had sugar, salt, vinegar, tamarind, and additional spices. We are the supplier of spices and other products to make your dish delicious.

Health Benefits:
• It comes with a valuable nutritional part like magnesium, amino acids, Vitamin C, Iron and calcium.
• It also has a potential role in weight control and weight loss.
• It also helps with lower cholesterol.

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