Dill Weed (dried)
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Dill Weed (dried)



It is a herb in the celery family of Apiaceae. Its leaves and seeds are used herb for delicious food. It is milder in taste and can be used in culinary and medicinal practice. It is commonly used in European and Middle Eastern cuisines. There are numerous ways to use dill with soups and fried items. Dill leaves are chopped finely and can add to cream cheese for an exciting taste. It has a similar scent like aniseed. It said that dill tea is helping for better sleep, and when chewed, it can also sweeten the breath. Shree Ganesh Food Products offers the best products as we understand your needs.

Health Benefits:
• It is used as an appetizer.
• It is high in calcium and promotes healthy teeth and bones.
• It contains high dietary Fibre and a fair amount of minerals, manganese, iron and magnesium.
• The herb is commonly used in Cough, Cold, and Flu.

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