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It’s one of the most special mouth freshener blends with the unique recipe over the years. It gives a royal feeling every time you consume it. This mouth freshener is having a perfect taste and is a mixture of Saunf, Coriander seeds, Brown Saunf, Sugar, Aniseeds, Chirmi Patti, Coconut, fennel seeds. The coriander seeds help cover the odour of onion and garlic that may leave you with bad breath. In some area, Eliachi or Eliachi powder will also be mixed with the mouth freshener. It’s used as a digestive aid or after-meal snack. This product is processed in hygienic conditions with superior quality of ingredients. If you’re looking for the best mouth fresher and feel rejoiced, we are best for you.

Health Benefits:
• It is rich in Vitamin A.
• It contains Beta Carotene, which is very helpful for better eyesight.
• It helps in boosting the immunity of the body as it has Vitamin C.
• It contains potassium which is a heart-friendly property.
• Fennel seeds are a rich source of Fibre.

Packed Size

500 GM, 250 GM, 100 GM