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Cumin also called Jeera, is a spice that comes from the Cuminum cyminum plant. People use cumin in the form of whole  or as ground powder. It’s the best ingredient use in spices blends in many foods. Besides this, cumin plays a vital role in supporting health. It has a unique aroma and great taste. Cumin help in stimulating the secretion of enzymes which in turn help in the absorption of nutrients. If you’re looking to boost your liver and flush out the toxins, then buy cumin  online from Shree Ganesh food products.

Health Benefits:
• It’s rich in iron and hence beneficial for anaemics who need more iron.
• It works excellent in Digestion and preventing flatulence, indigestion, diarrhoea, morning sickness and nausea.
• For immediate relief from acidity, chew a pinch full of raw seeds.

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