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Coriander is a herb used in Indian and international dishes. It’s a flowering plant belong to the parsley family. It’s commonly called dhania in India. It’s extensively used across various regional cuisines like adding flavour to curries, breakfast items, stir-fries etc. They are plump and brown and have a hollow cavity which bears essential oils that lend to the flavour of the dishes used in cooking. Buy coriander seed online from Shree Ganesh food products and prepare a dish that says hello to your taste buds.

Health Benefits:
• It solves your intestinal issues which include gastric, bloating, nausea, diarrhea etc.
• It helps in reducing cholesterol and promotes good cholesterol in our body.
• They are rich in copper, iron, zinc, and other essential minerals, increasing RBC and improving heart health.
• It helps in treating diabetics and proven to aid weight loss by reducing the fat from the body.
• Improves hair and skin quality as the seeds are rich in Vitamin B, C and K.

Packed Size

1 KG, 500 GM