Chilli Flakes
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Chilli Flakes



Chilli flakes or capsicum annuum are fruits of capsicum pepper plants notable for hot flavour. Chilli flakes are most used as a spice and can also be cooked, dried and powdered. They are mostly added on pizza, Indian curries and Mexican tacos and work as a magic ingredient. This fiery spice contains vitamin C and helps to strengthen the immune system. If you love to eat spicy food, add chilli flakes to make your dish taste hotter. We are a supplier of all kind of spices across Gujarat and provide spices that best suits your health.

Health Benefits:
• It helps to decrease swelling of sore joints and increases blood flow with acting as an anti-inflammatory agent.
• It helps settle the upset stomach and prevent acid reflux by killing the bacteria, which causes ulcers.
• It increases fat burning skills and revs your metabolism.

Packed Size

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