Black Salt
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Black Salt



In Indian cuisine, Black Salt is a popular ingredient. It offers a unique flavour and enhances the dish by adding many health benefits. People add black salt in their diet wherein Rice, dal, ghee, whole, flours and powdered spices. Black salt is usually pinkish-grey in colour due to the presence of iron and minerals. Most people consume as a home remedy for stomach problems, and it’s suitable for people with high blood pressure levels. It’s different from regular salt and comes with potential benefits. We are a supplier of all spices, powders, chutneys etc. to offer best-quality products you deserved.

Health Benefits:
• It cures bloating and acidity caused by acid reflux.
• It helps in preventing muscle cramp or spasm.
• It helps in stimulating blood circulation.
• It promotes healthy hair with arrest hair fall, reduces dandruff, and gives lustrous hair

Packed Size

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